Bespoke Solutions

Nortech specialises in the design and manufacture of Bespoke solutions to suit your requirements.

We have a wide range of skilled engineers within our work force who are highly trained to utilize our growing range of machines which enables us to offer the following

Assembly Fixtures

Nortech will design and manufacture assembly systems, be it fixtures or machines. Nortech will interface with existing controls or design new control systems.
Nortech’s sister company Airtool Sales and Services Ltd are distributors for a number of leading assembly equipment manufacturers including CP Desoutter, Kolver, DSM and Zucchelli.

Nortech will design assembly tooling to ensure fasteners are tightened correctly and all fasteners are present before releasing components from fixtures.
Nortech works with a variety of market sectors and understands assembly assurance.

Inspection Systems

Nortech will design and manufacture fixtures with systems to ensure positional accuracy of components, component present and assembly correct

Manufacturing Systems

Nortech will design and manufacture machines for the purpose of machining components such as

1.    Drilling
2.    Tapping
3.    Milling
4.    Routing
5.    Engraving
6.    Champhering

Nortech’s sister company Airtool Sales and Services Ltd are agents for a range of machining equipment including Desoutter and Euroma.

Test Equipment

Nortech will design and manufacture equipment to enable the customer to test finished assemblies. We have experience with testing torque, hardness, tensile forces and compression forces

Leak Testing

Nortech will design and build fixtures or machines to meet with customer specifications regarding the testing of components for leaks using pressure decay or vacuum.

Nortech have experience working with a number of leading leak decay manufacturers including Fisher Leak, Furness and Ateq, however we are happy to work with other systems.


Nortech will design and manufacture gauges to ensure products are within tolerance. Measurement reports supplied with all gauges.

Welding Fixtures

Nortech has a wide range of experience in the design of welding fixtures for many processes including
manual welding
robot welding
spot welding

including features

component sensing
manual clamping
automatic clamping

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