Nortech Engineering can offer both the flexibility and minimization of labour for the manufacturing industry through our robotic welding solutions, our services range from the robots themselves to the tooling required for their implementation.

Robots are used for Mig Welding, Spot Welding Tig and Plasma Welding, Paint Spraying, Glue Dispensing, Routing and Drilling, Material Handling etc.

Standard Flexible Weld Cells with a Rotary Turn Table

Cells with Twin Indexers / Positioners

Customer Sector:
Welding and Fabrication
Rail Products
Plastic Trimming
Wood Bedroom Furniture
Engine Components
Building Products
Food Industry
Plastic Mould Handling
Palletizing and Handling
CNC Machine Loaders

The key to competitive manufacturing lies with cutting the fat out of manufacturing processes and minimizing work-in-process. That is, eliminating processes that add no value to the product and building into processes the flexibility to change from one part or process to another in the least amount of time.

Very competitively priced with excellent after sales support
Jigs and Tools delivered, installed and commissioned
All leading brands supplied.
Systems available for every kind of application.
Prices include initial training, programming
Ongoing support contracts available
Typical labour savings of 60% with a robotic solution visa vi manual labour

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