Laser Marking Systems

A range of laser marking systems to suit your industrial or commercial applications. Working in partnership with Keyence to supply the highest quality laser marking machines, we can help you unlock the many benefits of using a laser marker within your organisation.

How does a laser marking machine work?

A laser marking machine uses a concentrated beam of light to instate a lasting imprint on surfaces of varying materials. Our systems use fibre, pulsed, continuous wave, green and UV lasers to complete the process providing a permanent result that aids traceability.

What materials can be laser marked?

Laser marking can be used on a range of materials, including but not limited to steel, titanium, aluminium, copper, ceramic, plastic, glass, wood, paper and cardboard. Utilising our systems, you are able to mark such materials with text, machine readable data and/or graphics.

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Keyence Laser Marking Systems

Nortech Engineering Supply Keyence Laser Marking Systems.

Fully supported by Keyence, Nortech provides the best level of assistance and support, and ensures the customer can be confident with the final results and overall performance. We provide both Standard and Bespoke Keyence Laser Marking Systems to deliver automated, precise, low maintenance and cost-effective solutions for all our clients.

As market leaders for laser metal and plastic marking, Keyence provides the industry-proven products you need to meet and exceed your own customers’ expectations. Each Keyence laser marking system is the result of intense, in-house research and development as well as almost five decades of experience within the field.

What are laser markers used for?

Laser markers can be used to etch and engrave:

  • Date codes
  • Barcodes
  • Serial numbers
  • VIN numbers
  • Hallmarks
  • Company names
  • Logos

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Laser marker by Keyence

Why choose Nortech for your laser marking system?

Nortech is an experience laser marking company, who partners with one of the top companies in the field, Keyence.

Keyence marking systems offer a fully automated solution, capable of processing at high speeds. A choice of standard and bespoke machines also means you’ll always find the laser marking system that’s right for your application.

  • Nortech offers free demonstrations to show the capability of the laser marker machines.
  • We can help and guide you to the right laser marking machine for your material and requirement.
  • We fully train our customers on the programming and use of laser marking machines and are available with aftercare support and advice as required.
  • Nortech will service the machine as required and respond to any unlikely breakdown.
  • We offer both Keyence standard laser marking systems as well as bespoke laser marking systems.
  • Nortech engages in ongoing research and development of laser markers.

Contact Nortech today to arrange a laser marking system demonstration.

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