Robotic Welding

Welding Robots are well suited to welding applications as a consequence of this Robotic welding is now a fairly common process in manufacturing industry. Robots can withstand high temperatures and provide constant, consistent, high quality welds with an excellent rate of repeatability. Other benefits arise in the form of reduced cost of product, with savings occurring in filler materials, weld wire and quality control expenditure.

Welding Robots like all types of Robots aren’t susceptible to arc eye, welding burns and other human requirements of holidays, breaks and illness. In short they offer manufacturers to opportunity of reducing costs and substantially increasing efficiency.

Nortech Engineering specialise in supplying complete installations including Fixing, Jigs, and Cells sufficient to facilitate any kind of welding applications. Whether they are a stand-alone welding robot for a simple weld or an entire custom build for high volume components with multiple intricate welds, our highly trained and experienced automation technical team can provide your company with a system to suit your needs.

Welding Robots can be equipped with a multitude of welding applications including MAG, TIG, Spot, Laser, Plasma and many more.

Nortech integrates and installs complete Robotic welding solutions from initial design and consultation to assembly, programming, installation, commissioning, training and unlimited technical support.

We are resellers of Kawasaki, Fanuc and Nachi Robotic Welding products but we are also equally skilled at undertaking the installation of any automation tools or machinery. We are generally able to supply new, ex demonstration, used and refurbished products.

Welding Robots helps companies gain a competitive advantage over their competitors who have not made the transition to welding automation. Robot welding is becoming increasingly attractive engineering and manufacturing companies of all sizes.

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Fanuc Welding Robot

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