Design & Engineering Services

We offer a wide range of Design & Engineering Services including the following:


Nortech utilizes an in-house design facility to design a variety of machines, jigs, fixtures, gauges and assembly systems.
Nortech uses it’s in-house design facility for electronic and pneumatic control systems.
Nortech design facility includes 3D design capability interfaced directly with CNC manufacturing facility.
Nortech will work with the customer to offer a complete design and manufacture or design only.


Nortech’s in-house fabrication department will design and manufacture fabricated structures to satisfy customer requirements or manufacture to customer specific design.


Nortech’s in-house controls system will design and manufacture systems both electronic, pneumatic or a combination of both to meet customer requirements. Nortech will install, develop and test to meet best solution.

CNC Machining

Nortech utilises an in-house CNC facility to manufacture products to customers specifications.
Our CNC department is growing and evolving to meet with customers’ demands.
Nortech CNC is linked directly to Nortech design to facilitate 3d manufacturing capability


Nortech will liaise with designers to understand specifications and will manufacture equipment to meet such specifications.


Nortech has many years’ experience designing, manufacturing and testing semi and fully automated machines to satisfy a wide range of markets and applications.
Nortech will assist in developing a specification prior to design, build and installation.
Nortech prides itself on offering the best solutions whilst being mindful of customer’s budget and delivery requirements.

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